Benefits & Security for

Independent Teachers

Are you a 1099 Independent Teacher such as a learning pod instructor, microschool teacher, private tutor, or other freelance educator?

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*Opolis respects your privacy! Your information will never be sold, shared or used for any purpose outside of Opolis Employment Commons communications. Your trust, security, and privacy our our top priorities.

Save Big on Healthcare

Access low-cost, high-quality group health, dental and vision insurance plans that have significantly lower premiums than most state exchanges. View Rates

Protect Your Family

Choose from elite benefits traditionally reserved for W2 employees; unemployment, 401k, disability insurance, workers comp, life insurance & more. View Rates

Make Taxes Easy

Automatically withhold money to pay State and Federal taxes. Opolis ensures compliance and sends you easy-to-read periodic and yearly statements.

Ever wish you had your own personal HR & finance departments to support your business?

With Opolis, you do!

  1. Onboarding with Opolis can be done entirely online.

  2. Just submit your information through our easy-to-use portal, choose your benefits, cover your dependents, and voila, you've got peace of mind!

  3. Opolis can even help you form an LLC and get liability coverage to keep your family and students protected.

  4. When you join Opolis, you'll enjoy the freedoms of being an independent professional and the perks and benefits traditionally enjoyed by W2 employees.

    Because who doesn't like a win-win?


Simplify your life.

Employing yourself is a big decision. Here are some common questions that may help you decide if joining makes sense for you:

What is the Opolis Employment Commons?

The Opolis Employment Commons, an employment cooperative, is a Limited Cooperative Association registered in the State of Colorado providing group purchasing power and shared services to its members. This structure automates complicated administrative functions and simplifies the lives of its members allowing them to work flexibly, on their terms.

How much does an Opolis Employment Commons membership cost?

To help with the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, all Employment Commons community service fees during your first 12 months of membership are waived. After that, membership fees will never be more than 1% of your gross wages (for most people this means a savings of $400-$900 per year).

No cost? What about the cost of benefits?

Costs of benefits will vary based on the level of coverage you elect. You only pay the cost of the features you choose. No hidden fees, no games-ever. Comprehensive options can be reviewed in the Opolis Employment Commons Benefits Guide.

How does onboarding work?

You can start adding your information to the membership onboarding wizard at any time. You can even start it in one session and finish it later. It will ask for your personal information, benefit elections and tax information so that the Commons can process your membership.

How long does it take to onboard?

The average time it takes to complete membership onboarding is 5 business days once the membership onboarding wizard is complete.

What does the Employment Commons do for me?

The Employment Commons acts as your co-employer back office support system. The Commons will ensure you’re in compliance with all the relevant rules and take care of the accounting for your payroll and tax planning.

“Back Office”? What exactly is that?

Also referred to as “Shared Services”, back office services include payroll remittance, tax withholdings, benefits administration, human resources compliance and accounting.

What if I want to talk to someone before completing my membership?

You can connect with a Membership Steward through email (, chat (at bottom right) or even a Zoom meeting.

What if I need help completing my membership?

We’re here to help. Please reach out to a Membership Steward and we will assist you in completing your membership at your pace, step-by-step. Connect via email (, chat (at bottom right) or a Zoom meeting.

What if I just want to get started now and don’t need to speak with anyone?

Complete the membership onboarding wizard and we’ll get right to work approving your membership! This process should take less than thirty minutes if you have everything ready.

When does health insurance start if I sign up now?

Health insurance always starts on the first day of the first month following your membership activation date. You can start your membership and health insurance on the 1st of the month, however.

I don’t have an LLC. What do I do?

Setting up an LLC and getting everything right can be confusing and complicated. Opolis and its network of advisors can assist you in setting up the appropriate entity and ensuring you’re ready to go.

I don’t have liability insurance? How do I get it and why do I need it?

It’s best practice for small business owners to insure their operations against liability claims. We can assist you in securing the right insurance to protect you and your business.

What if I have more questions than are answered here?

You’re almost certain to have more questions! Our Membership Stewards are here to help via through email (, chat (at bottom right) or Zoom.

Does the Opolis Employment Commons do my tax returns?

Not quite yet. In the near future, however, the Commons will have integrated tax software and CPA resources to assist in the preparation and filing of your personal and business tax returns. Opolis does ensure compliance, automatically withholds money to pay State and Federal taxes on your behalf, and sends you easy-to-read periodic and yearly statements.

Do I still need an accountant? Or an attorney?

Every person has unique circumstances. Whether you choose to retain an accountant and attorney long-term is up to you. Regardless, most members of the Opolis Employment Commons consult with an attorney and/or an accountant about their membership implications. If you need help connecting with one, let us know and we can make a referral.

Why is the Commons ideal for independent teachers?

High-quality, low-cost benefits are hard to come by when you’re independent. Joining the Opolis Employment Commons takes the work out of piecing together a support structure to provide access to critical elements of a healthy and sustainable independent worker lifestyle.

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*Opolis respects your privacy! Your information will never be sold, shared or used for any purpose outside of Opolis Employment Commons communications. Your trust, security, and privacy our our top priorities.

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