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We’re making access to portable health benefits easy and affordable!

WHAT'S                              ...?

Your healthcare shouldn’t be dependent on where you work.

Traditionally, workers have had to rely on employers or state exchanges to access quality health benefits. But at Opolis, we believe you should have the freedom to move from job to job without worrying about your healthcare changing. 


That’s why we’ve created the Opolis Employment Commons, a cooperative network of freelancers and small business owners who together, access affordable, high-quality health benefits and other services.


Through our easy and integrated platform, you can sign-up for portable health insurance and other benefits. We also automate your tax withholdings so that you can work multiple jobs without accounting headaches. Being a freelancer has never been easier.

At Opolis, we're driven by our values.

The Freedom to Freelance

We believe the future of work is freelance and we’re here to support you in your employment decisions.

Trust & Accountability

With our team’s 25+ years in the industry, we’re experts in financial compliance, comprehensive benefits and everything in between.

Commitment to Simplicity

Whether it’s signing-up for health insurance or automating your taxes, we’re here to make your employment decisions easier.

The Principle of the Commons

The Opolis Employment Commons is named so for a reason: we believe in providing a shared ecosystem where individuals can work independently, yet access benefits collectively.

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Questions? Feedback?

We want to hear from you! 

Connect with our team today.


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